Potato Semiconductor Corporation

Potato Semiconductor Corporation dedicates to developing chip to chip IO interface solution for high speed integrated circuits.  We focus on GHz 74 logic, clock buffer, IO translator, bus switch & customized IO interface.

Potato Semiconductor Corporation is a fabless IC design house which locates in San Jose, California.  With our powerful leading technology in IO interface, logic cells & unique design rule, we can improve most of existing standard logic chips into higher speed ones.  The chips will become much more reliable, with much less noise and much higher operating frequency than the same devices from other Semiconductor companies.  Take a look at our products and do the comparison yourself.  When you compare them apple to apple, you will find out that our chips can run much faster with much higher frequency then the others.

What We Do

By using our special IO interface, logic cells & design rule, we can convert most of existing Logic chips into much higher frequency than it was before.  We will continue to convert existing standard chips to become the chips which are much more reliable, much less noise and much higher running frequency.