Milestone of 74 series logic IC

Potato Semiconductor, a leading IC design company focusing on the high speed CMOS I/O field, has successfully applied its innovative technology to 74 series logic ICs. Using advanced technology, this new generation of 74 series logic ICs features high performance, high frequency and low noise. The running speed can be 5 to 7 times faster than existing 74 series ICs which continues the prevailing trend in electronics design --- high speed and high performance.

74 series ICs occupy a very important role in the semiconductor industry. The circuit of 74 ICs is the basis of all logic ICs and represents the first standardized IC series in electrical engineering. These types have been widely used in appliances, computers and many other electric and electronic products for over 40 years, a popularity that continues today. However, there has been no performance breakthrough for traditional 74 series logic ICs for decades because of inherent noise problems. Potato Semi has solved this problem meaning that noise generated from high frequency operating environments can be effectively eliminated and the performance of ICs can be dramatically enhanced. Richard Kao, the CEO of Potato Semi, states that while 74 series ICs are basic and standard IC products and all main IC manufacturers have this product line, until now, none of them has been able to make technical breakthroughs in performance. After careful and thorough research Mr. Kao finally determined what he believed to be the root cause of noise in these types of logic circuits and as a result decided to abandon primitive IC design algorithms, deciding instead to develop a completely new theory, ushering in a new IC design algorithm and a new era of IC design.

In TTL/CMOS technology, high frequency amounts to high noise levels. By eliminating noise, an IC's performance can reach the upper limit of its manufacturing process. Using 0.35um CMOS as an example, the operating frequency of ICs based on old design algorithms is about 150MHz while Potato Semi's patented technology deliver devices that perform at speeds greater than 1GHz, which is the upper limit of the 0.35um CMOS process. Discussing this breakthrough achievement Mr. Kao stated that "Potato Semi's technology solves the problems of low performance and make system level design much easier than it used to be. Further, our technology can dramtically reduce the number of components on a system board by reducing the need for noise and EMI eliminating products which will also cut down cost of the entire system. In the near future, we can see system level companies using Potato Semi's patented products take the leadership in their product areas."

The core value of Potato Semi's patented technology is to achieve high frequency and low noise using existing IC manufacturing processes. Therefore it is Potato Semi's mission to change the now outdated notion that high frequency must equate to high noise and let the market know that high speed and low noise can co-exist. Since the noise problem is solved, Potato believes that the overall performance of digital devices will steadily increase and more and more fascinating products will be developed as a result.

Communication between high speed circuits and lower performing devices is always a bottleneck for electronic design. For example, the operating frequency inside a CPU can range up to 3 to 4 GHz. However, such high speed signals cannot move to many devices unless the frequency is reduced. By applying Potato Semi's patented technology on the IC interface, high speed internal signals can be transmitted to the next stage without reducing their operating speed. Therefore, the performance remains the same as that inside the CPU.

Potato Semi's advanced technology can also apply to other existing IC manufacturing processes. In addition to 74 series ICs, other kinds of ICs can also be designed and manufactured with this technology. Besides 74 series ICs, Potato Semi has also developed clock buffer ICs, which until now have been one of the main noise sources in a system. Further introduction and expansion of this product line is now is top priority for Potato Semi since clock buffers can be found in almost all kinds of digital markets, such as network, telecomm, computer server, industry computer, network storage, satellite receiver and various kinds of high frequency products.

All of Potato's products are pin to pin compatible to competitors' products, so designers can easily integrate Potato's ICs into system boards without modifying layout which shortens development time and reduces cost. Potato will continue to agressively work to expand its product line and to develop new products that take advantage of this breakthrough in the IC design process.

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