High frequency & low noise CMOS output driver

CMOS technology has been widely used for more then 50 years. It delivers the low cost with high yield. However, because of the unbalanced CMOS structure, it will generate high noise into Power & ground.
From the past 50 years of IC history, our GHz CMOS output driver is the only technology that you can reduce your chip internal ground and power noise without scarifies your output performance. Because of this low noise technology, our output frequency can be 7 to 10 times faster then anyone else in this world. In addition, because of this low noise technology, any ICs with our output drivers can deliver the accuracy without any error. The example below shows the output signal from our standard logic 74G32. The VCC is 3V. The output frequency from the measurement is 2GHz with probe load. The max frequency will be more than 2GHz. Vp-p is 2.075V. Vhigh is 2.175V. Vlow is 100mV.(Picture1)


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