Power saving & high bandwidth in one

Potato Semiconductor Corporation has introduced the next generation Bus Switch products. This product line has merged power saving & high bandwidth in one. Potato Semiconductor Corporation is the world technology leader in GHz TTL CMOS logic & high speed CMOS clock buffer. Now, the company has integrated its low noise & high frequency technology into Bus Switch products. The maximum data transfer rate can be as high as 3.5Gbps. More importantly, those bus switch products consume extremely low power (0.1uA type).

Our earth is becoming ever warmer. Oil price has risen to over 100 US dollars per barrel. However, energy is still greatly wasted by our electronics devices. Most of the electronics devices are using current source designed IC. The current source design is like a faucet without a knob handle to be able to turn off. The running water or running electronics current will never stop. A lot of electronics energy is wasted when the device is not in use. If a faucet has no knob handle to turn off the water, no one is going to use this kind of product. But why we continue to buy a lot of electronic devices that has no ability to turn the electronics current off? We keep using this kind of devices because we do not see electronic current wasting with our eyes.

Potato Semiconductor is focused on high speed & power saving! Unlike many of the current source designed Bus Switch ICs that require 800uA to 2000uA static current, all of the Potato Chips are designed without current sources. Our chips have no static current. The 0.1uA is the CMOS leakage current only. Bus switch is an electronics switch device without driving capability. It is not suppose to drain any electronics current. One of the U.S.A. largest electrical power companies PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric Company) has calculated the energy wasted by the current source designed IC & systems. According to the calculation, if we can cut down the electrical power waste from the system static current, we will be able to save energy of 8,500,000 cars equivalent each year.

When you utilize energy to its fullest, you are saving energy resources in the world! Potato Semiconductor is dedicated to vigorously develop power-saving & high- efficiency IC to address the issues around the world.

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